Similarly, our decorated Ceramic Tiles, which we produce in compliance with the applicable international standards, attract our clients, both locally and abroad, with the fine art adopted in the selected design, the high quality and competitive prices. As such, our ceramic tiles deserve the name Balkis. Balkis Ceramic Co. was established in February 2000, started production in November of the same year. Since then, our product is well known in the market.

Thanks to the skilled and well trained personnel, the applied technology, fine art, modern equipment, properly selected raw materials and hard work. Balkis is a limited partnership company with allied partners and some dormant ones, 100% native capital, managed by a specialized team, headed by Mr. Marwan Ourfali, the founder and the General Manager, who is a recognized person with high experience in the field of building materials and construction activities. Further,

Mr. Marwan Ourfali is the leader of the Syrian privet sector in building the ceramic industry in Syria 

Balkis Ceramic Co. produces ceramic tiles thru double firing process, using two kilns in a single production line, and is heading for installation of an other line, this is in response to increased market demand for a quality products.

Our challenging targets are: - Support the growth of the national income. - Maintain leadership toward client satisfaction. - Support development in ceramic industry. Finally, ……… with Balkis " Prosperity for all "